Staff Picks



  • Celebrating Pride Month Playlist

     With Pride Month approaching, this week’s playlist is “Celebrating Queer Artists Throughout the Ages” by Red Tail’s Administrative Assistant, Julissa Hernandez.
    Enjoy! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ #spotify
  • WHAT?!? Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Playlist

    Congrats to all the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2022 Inductees!!  Been to the Hall multiple times, love visiting, but what took so long to put in Carly Simon?? Pat Benatar??  Have you been listening to Rock Music the last few decades?!?  Born a Cleveland Rocker, I felt it was an important public service to assit the voting governing body by posting a playlist featuring 20 artists that should have been inducted into the Museum long ago!! Enjoy and fingers crossed for 2023.

    Scott Strong

    VP of Marketing

  • For Da Momz

    Let’s keep Mother’s Day going with this week’s Spotify Playlist🌷💖
    Listen to “For Da Momz,” a playlist created by Red Tail Vice President/Producer, David Denson.
    It’s Music for all the moms! 😊
  • Spring Shake

    This week’s playlist is from Red Tail Entertainment’s Production Manager, John Ruegsegger and he sums up the theme with this simple sentence,
    “As the cold days of a late winter give way to warm days of an approaching summer, Crank it up and SHAKE IT OUT!!!”.
  • Novelty Songs Playlist

    Given the number of crises (real, exaggerated, or imagined), I thought it’s time for a Red Tail Playlist that brought a bit of mirth to those of us that lived through some or all of these songs, and incredulity from those too young to remember them.  All of these songs found rotation on Pop Radio (AM and later FM) in the 60’s and 70’s.  There’s even one here from the 90’s.  Technically, I think some would say that The Macarena isn’t truly a novelty song, but I disagree.  I mean, did anybody take it seriously?  Even once?  Nah.

    Wikipedia defines novelty songs as:

    ”… a type of song built upon some form of novel concept, such as a gimmick, a piece of humor, or a sample of popular culture. Novelty songs partially overlap with comedy songs, which are more explicitly based on humor, and with musical parody, especially when the novel gimmick is another popular song.”

    By now, the ‘novelty’ is long gone, but I hope you’ll get a chuckle out of them.


  • Red Tail Entertainment’s Staff Picks

    Each week a Red Tail Team Member will share their musical playlist and/or pop culture picks.  We’ll share something “old”, something “new”, something “borrowed” and sometimes something from the “blues”.

    Any comments, suggestions, shout outs or personal musical nuggets are much appreciated.  Send to:

    (On certain devices you might need to download the Spotify App to hear the complete songs.  No purchase necessary.)