Staff Picks

Red Tail’s Thanksgiving Playlist


  • Gobble Gobble

    To complement your turkey, stuffing, biscuits and pumpkin pie, here’s a playlist of songs to celebrate with family, friends and food!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    Scott Strong

  • The Strong Romantic Date Night Playlist

    Two things most folks can agree on today are, #1. 2020 was a “butt-kicker” and #2. We all could use a little love right now.  As a public service, I thought it is a perfect time to pass along the Strong At-Home Date Night.  Start by making your kitchen into a Italian Restaurant or for those that can’t have people into your house, set up your backyard as a patio in Sicily.  Then just grab a bottle of your favorite red, order take out from (fill in your favorite spaghetti joint), turn down the lights and turn up THE STRONG ROMATIC DATE NIGHT PLAYLIST to get you and your date in that perfect mood for wherever the evening takes you.  Enjoy!

    Scott Strong

    I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words

    How wonderful life is while you’re in the world

  • Marc’s Favorite Rock Anthems

    This time I found inspiration in Dylan Keville’s last playlist which he referred to as ‘Windows Down, Full Volume.’ I don’t do much of that anymore—too many shows standing too close to the speaker stacks, and now I make an effort to protect what’s left of my hearing so I can enjoy music awhile longer. Truth told, I don’t do much windows down these days either. Living in Texas where it can be quite uncomfortable more than 6 months of the year has me running the A/C or Heat most of the time.

    But I’m not so old that I can’t remember being Dylan’s age when there was nothing finer than running down the interstate through the South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee jamming ‘the hits’ on the Jensen Triaxials mounted in the doors of whatever V8 wreck I owned at the time, and feeling like I was the master of my own fate, and indestructible. Seems so long ago.

    Nobody that I know in this industry does what they do because they think they’re going to die rich (Michael Rapino and I have never been introduced). We do it because we love it, or because we don’t know what else we would do for a living if we were forced to choose something else. For me, it’s been due entirely to my love affair with music, and this week’s playlist contains some of my all-time faves from the days when I wore a cape and dared the world to get in my way. I hope it does something like that for you.

    Marc Engel

  • Gettin’ In The Feels with Melissa

    Music has always resonated with me and exasperated every feeling to an expression of healing. Certain songs make us dance, cry, celebrate, heal, recluse and meditate. Each song on my playlist share that commonality. Although my list is very eclectic, each song has served a purpose at one time or another. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my playlist and I hope something might resonate with you as well!

    -Melissa Thayer, Finance Director

  • Red Tail Entertainment’s Staff Picks

    Each week a Red Tail Team Member will share their musical playlist and/or pop culture picks as we all need a “little help from our friends” to get through 2020.  We’ll share something “old”, something “new”, something “borrowed” and sometimes something from the “blues”.

    The staff got together and thought it would be best to let the CEO start with his playlist, so here’s Marc’s picks.  Any comments, suggestions, shout outs or personal musical nuggets are much appreciated.  Send to:

    (On certain devices you might need to download the Spotify App to hear the complete songs.  No purchase necessary.)