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  • For Lovers and Drifters Playlist

    This week’s playlist is for “Lovers and Drifters.”
    “Life on the road is both rewarding and difficult. You make friends and loved ones all over, but before you know it, you leave for another town. These songs are a narrative of looking for love, in some cases finding it and the nostalgia of good relationships…all with the romance of stage lights and the open road.”  Check out, “The Road: for Lovers and Drifters,” a playlist by our Production Manager, John Ruegsegger.
  • Paul Williams Playlist

    Over the last couple of years, Team Red Tail has put up weekly play lists.  Most have been themed in some way—like holidays, seasons, romance, or a genre like jazz, or rock, or…  What we haven’t done yet, is a play list featuring a specific songwriter, and it’s my happy task to fill that void this week with my featured faves from the consummate songwriter, Paul Williams.

    Most who read this won’t I suppose know who Paul is.  Much of what he’s written is in genres not lately played on terrestrial radio, and he rarely recorded his own songs.  But if I name a couple of them, or better yet, played them, most will instantly know the man’s work, and a lot of his brilliant catalogue.  Paul also scored movies including THE MUPPET MOVIE, and BUGSY MALONE.  And if you want to know what Paul looks like, go no further than to slip a copy of SMOKY & THE BANDIT into the VCR (if you still have one) and watch for the scene where Paul peels off $100 bills and hands them to Burt Reynolds to purchase the infamous black Trans-Am.

    Williams has written songs for The Carpenters, Three Dog Night, Jack Jones, and yes, even Kermit the Frog, and Miss Piggy.  And he won an Oscar for his pinultimate love song EVERGREEN sung by Barbara Streisand in A STAR IS BORN in which she appeared with Kris Kristofferson.

    While radio may have allowed Williams’ masterpieces to languish, we live in a time when the curious, or those who wish to reminisce (like me, for example) can draw upon the great resources of the internet, to enjoy them (without some of the inconvenience of changing the sides of the LP’s at inopportune times).

    If you’re saying to yourself (or out loud, even) “Whatever happened to Paul Williams,” you may be interested to know that he is now (and has been for many years) the president of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers aka ASCAP where he oversees the collection and distribution of royalties due to some 850,000 artists, composers and songwriters, representing more than 16 million registered works.  While short of stature, he has a huge job.



  • Mellow Music Mix Playlist

    The pefect playlist for those rainy days, late nights, early mornings, or those midday walks.
    Listen to this week’s Staff Picks, Mellow Music Mix, brought to you by our Mellow Assistant Talent Buyer, Jack Kotal
  • From The Screen

    This week’s Staff Playlist from Red Tail’s Marketing Assistant, Kilea Lee, features the songs from the soundtracks and playlists of major motion pictures and popular series.    Kilea states, “When I’m already invested in what’s on my screen and then a great track starts playing, it makes the experience so much better.“  Enjoy!!

  • Red Tail Entertainment’s Staff Picks

    Each week a Red Tail Team Member will share their musical playlist and/or pop culture picks.  We’ll share something “old”, something “new”, something “borrowed” and sometimes something from the “blues”.

    Any comments, suggestions, shout outs or personal musical nuggets are much appreciated.  Send to:

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