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Girl Band Boy Band


  • Girl Band Boy Band

    After such a terrible week in Texas, I have been craving the comfort of nostalgia.  Please enjoy this playlist of some of my favorite songs from the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

    Coralee Macias

    Manager of Touring Operations

  • Chick Corea Tribute

    It was announced today that Chick Corea has passed away. Truly Jazz Royalty. Amazing what Chick could do with a keyboard and a few musical friends.


  • The Strong Red Tail Mix Tape of Memories One

    Back in the day, I used to make mix tapes for family and friends to turn them on to songs I heard on the radio, saw live at the concert, found rummaging through the racks at Peaches Records or by being lucky enough to sit down and talk to the artists.

    I wanted to start making mix tapes again this new year but my cassette recorder broke in April (2020, go figure) so I thought this would be a good place to share.  Hope it either brings back great  memories or adds a new song/artist to your musical world.

    Scott Strong

  • MLK Day Playlist 2021

    “God has wrought many things out of oppression.  He has endowed his creatures with the capacity to create, and from this capacity has flowed the sweet songs of sorrow and joy that have allowed man to cope with his environment and many different situations.”

    -Martin Luther King Jr.

    Here is my playlist in honor of MLK Day 2021


  • Strong Songs of 2020

    There was a lot of negative items we were exposed to in 2020 but one BIG positive was the wide range of strong releases from all spectrums of music.  From Vets to Newcomers, Rock to Rap, Americana to R&B, great new songs could be found everywhere!!

    This is just a sample of music that affected me and stuck in my head.  I can’t wait to see these tunes played live, hoping in ’21 to see Josh Ritter for the 28th time or Harry Styles for the very first!

    Happy New Year and would love to hear your favs of ’20.  Feel free to email to

  • Red Tail Entertainment’s Staff Picks

    Each week a Red Tail Team Member will share their musical playlist and/or pop culture picks as we all need a “little help from our friends” to get through 2020.  We’ll share something “old”, something “new”, something “borrowed” and sometimes something from the “blues”.

    The staff got together and thought it would be best to let the CEO start with his playlist, so here’s Marc’s picks.  Any comments, suggestions, shout outs or personal musical nuggets are much appreciated.  Send to:

    (On certain devices you might need to download the Spotify App to hear the complete songs.  No purchase necessary.)