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Songs As Dictated To Me By My 17yr Old Daughter


  • Songs As Dictated To Me By My 17yr Old Daughter

    This Week’s Red Tail Playlist, Top 20 Current Most Tolerable Songs As Dicated To Me By My 17th Old Daughter.


    VP of Production – Red Tail Entertainment

  • Finally Free to Travel

    OK, so maybe the title of this note is a bit premature.  There are still more reasons NOT to travel than to engage in this activity.  But some of us ain’t waitin’ no more.  Others are more cautious, and have confined their journeys to the supermarket, and the corner drugstore.  Me, I’ve been pining for ‘The Road’ for over a year, and as much as I bitch about “having to travel’ as a necessary evil, I have secretly enjoyed the variety of scenery, culture, and cuisine that America has to offer throughout its 50 states.  I miss walking downtown in Boston and stopping in for a Lobster Roll while I tend to my show at the Emerson Colonial.  I miss catching a musical on Broadway, or a stand-up show in Vegas.  I so miss Gallagher’s on 52nd Street in The City, and a litany of locally owned restaurants in cities like Lafayette, Louisiana, on the River Walk in San Antonio, the seafood in the Gaslight district of San Diego.  Even the Tex-Mex was great in Portland (a bit counterintuitive, perhaps).

    But what I miss most is seeing friends and colleagues in their theatres and arenas everywhere.  I’ve been blessed with friends, partners, and associates in more than 35 of our 50 states.  Catching up with them, havin’ a beer, and talking the shit was and is every bit as important to all of us, as are the wins and losses we uncover with our laptops in the basements and backstage dressing rooms and janitor’s closets we occupy on an almost nightly basis in a typical year.  I miss the SMELL of the venues I work in and grew up in.  It’s a unique blend of scene paint, epoxy, gaff-tape, human sweat, and old lingering pyrotechnics, mixed with carbonized Roscolux, and the remnants of the last Russian Nutcrracker that played the venerable old building you’re standing in.

    So in anticipation of being able to freely go about what I laughingly refer to as “our industry,” I’ve pulled out a list of songs written and sung in celebration of (or poking fun at) some of the Cities in America I hope to be hanging out in during the last few years of my useful working life.  Maybe I’ll see you there.  Make sure to say ‘Hello.’

    Marc Engel

    President & CEO

  • Comfy Covers

    COMFY COVERS – Songs you know by an artist, sung by a different artist you might not know.  Goes well after a long day or week as you change into your favorite night garb and grab a wine, cocktail or Mountain Dew.  Then snuggle with your favorite blankets and musically dive into something familar, yet different.

    Here’s a few of my Comfy Covers.

    Scott Strong

    VP of Marketing

  • Musicals That Make Me Cry

    I’m a big musical theatre fan, and I have many favorite musicals that I love. Here is a playlist filled with songs that make me cry, either because they are incredibly sad or just incredibly good. I hope you can listen and either shed a tear or laugh that these songs actually make me cry. Enjoy!

    Madison Armstrong

    Production Coordinator

  • Coralee‘s 70’s Fun

    After watching Guardians of the Galaxy with my husband, I found myself wanting to jam to the same mix tapes Quill does in the movies. I tried listening to the soundtrack, but it included some very space-y marvel-y songs like “Plasma Ball” or “Quill’s Big Retreat” that I wanted to filter out. Eventually, I made a fun, upbeat, 70’s playlist inspired by Guardian’s of the Galaxy movies. Enjoy!

    Coralee Macias

    Manager of Touring Operations

  • David’s Inside Baseball

    Here’s a playlist I call “Inside Baseball” and it’s a collection of some of my favorite songs that are about being in the business.

    David Denson

    VP of Production

  • Red Tail Entertainment’s Staff Picks

    Each week a Red Tail Team Member will share their musical playlist and/or pop culture picks as we all need a “little help from our friends” to get through 2020.  We’ll share something “old”, something “new”, something “borrowed” and sometimes something from the “blues”.

    The staff got together and thought it would be best to let the CEO start with his playlist, so here’s Marc’s picks.  Any comments, suggestions, shout outs or personal musical nuggets are much appreciated.  Send to:

    (On certain devices you might need to download the Spotify App to hear the complete songs.  No purchase necessary.)